• small print chapbook series

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    A collaborative project with many of the most important writers from across the country, small print is an ongoing chapbook series that donates 100% of sales to the social justice non-profits of the author's choice.

    With Ashaki M. Jackson, Mike Sonksen, Teka Lark, Scott Woods, Lynell George. More authors to come.

  • A Child In Ruins by José Luis Peixoto, trans. by Hugo F. Dos Santos

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    A selection from three of previously published (in Portuguese) poetry books from the Saramago Prize winning author José Luis Peixoto: A Casa, a Escuridao (The House, the Darkness), Gaveta de Papeis (Drawer of Papers), and A CRINÇA EM RUINAS (A Child in Ruins). Translated for the first time into English by Hugo F Dos Santos.

    From José Saramago, Nobel Prize winning author of Blindness:

    “José Luís Peixoto is one of the most surprising revelations from recent Portuguese literature.”

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  • As in the dark, descend by Rachel McLeod Kaminer

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    When you get to the end of what you know, where are you? AS IN THE DARK, DESCEND moves through poetry as a way of knowing, in order to seek what Else there may be. Un-knowing? Is it possible to undo a heartbreak, un-see a thing, un-fill your ears? Why would you want to? As Rachel McLeod Kaminer's first book emerges from voices and geographies both Appalachian and Angeleno, the poems struggle with the limits of individual awareness and acknowledgement: how I steal, what I owe, who I am. While reckoning with how poetry makes and seals meaning, poetry may also open, fight, even swim through earfuls of made-meaning and hard-earned selfhood. I turns towards you; we can move, can turn towards one another. Listen. Listen again.

    Early praise for AS IN THE DARK, DESCEND:

    "Rachel McLeod Kaminer’s first collection invites the reader to put an ear to the ground, to look to oracles or become the oracle, to circle around the thing to get to the thing, to drink sweet water from hands in streams as a way into knowing." – Amy Orazio

    "AS IN THE DARK, DESCEND exists in a shifting landscape of arresting images that become and un-become -- as in undoing, the thing, the unthing, the verb, the unverb; the reader braces for the unmaking of the world." – Rocío Carlos

    "Take her breath (this map to footsteps). A curtain opens another mirror. Hear fainting at the end of the deep. Hear her eyes give shape to hours. Hear her thaw the shapes. Follow them, there is a trail." – Sierra Nicole-Qualles

  • Hollywood Notebook by Wendy C. Ortiz

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    Hollywood Notebook is the much anticipated follow-up from Wendy C. Ortiz, author of Excavation (Future Tense Books). All pre-orders will be SIGNED by author.

    Advance praise for Hollywood Notebook:

    “Unflinching and stunning, Hollywood Notebook is composed of people and places left behind but not forgotten. ‘I don’t really waltz, I tramp in,’ Wendy C. Ortiz writes. She’s a writer who doesn’t hide, even when a helicopter shines a searchlight through her window as she lies naked in the bath. I revel in her boldness and trust her voice, moving through her past ‘like fire on the move.’”

    —Chelsea Hodson, Pity the Animal

    Hollywood Notebook transforms pain and joy directly into an amazing new language, one that brilliantly transcends the limits of genre and style. A warm and writhing vision of those days we all spend listening to music in the dark, of evenings outside on a roof in the warmth of another, of loss and learning to turn that loss into words. Simply put: This is an exceptional book that will resonate with you.”

    –David Connerly Nahm, author of Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky

  • Antidote by José Luís Peixoto

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    Originally published in Portuguese as a digital file accompanying the album, The Antidote, by goth metal band Moonspell, Antidote is an unprecedented collaboration. This unique book from world-renowned author José Luís Peixoto consists of ten connected short stories, each one inspired by the lyrics, the music, and the spirit of a corresponding track on the original album.

    Antidote is a book that tells of the ills that haunt humanity and the obscure ways in which life begins and ends.

    From José Saramago, Nobel Prize winning author of Blindness:

    “José Luís Peixoto is one of the most surprising revelations from recent Portuguese literature.”

  • Eulogy to an Unknown Tree by Billy Burgos

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    In Eulogy to an Unknown Tree, the dense, challenging, and stunning debut collection from Billy Burgos, the poet explores the journeys he has taken — as a child immigrant growing up in South Central LA, as a grown son dealing with his father’s death, as a man grieving the loss of a loved one — anchoring all the grief to a nameless tree by which he spoke to his father for the last time.

    From Nick Flynn, author of Another Bullshit Night in Suck City:

    “These poems are full of compassion and intelligence but mostly—most thrillingly—they just fucken sing. Open Eulogy to an Unknown Tree and enter a world of weight and light and come out the other side transformed.”

    From Douglas Kearney, author of The Black Automaton:

    “Good strong bones are required to bear the weight of language as rich as Burgos’s without collapsing. The skeletons here are dense and sound with the elevated grief and resignation of elegy: Eulogy to an Unknown Tree mourns the lost father as tradition, as homeland and flesh…In its flesh, blood and bone, Eulogy is a complex reckoning with death’s necessity—an accounting, a celebration, an assured debut.”

    From Afaa Michael Weaver, author of Plum Flower Dance:

    “These poems are a string of lit pearls signaling fresh coordinates of a world propelled by the continually unfolding poetic of African people and their descendants in the western hemisphere…This is an America made more realistic, made more whole.”

  • History of Butoh by Khadija Anderson

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    In her powerful debut collection, Khadija Anderson’s stark and intense poems about love, about Butoh, and about Islam explore the ways in which she has used her art and her faith as tools to dig into the turmoil, the passion, and the truth of her life, both personal and political.

    From Douglas Kearney, author of The Black Automaton:

    “History of Butoh is a restless debut: terse pastorals of southern California’s valleys set poems of a Muslim’s blunt celebration and protest in a yellow heat that persists through erotic poems of home life. Like the Butoh dancers whose presence marks each new section, Anderson is almost nude and too meditative to be merely raw as she moves through a world that troubles the bodies of its citizens—all of them.”

    From Jenny Factor, author of Unraveling at the Name:

    “Khadija Anderson is the genuine article—an artist for whom the political is personal, whose insights into the world open doors. She is a person-of-movement and nuance, roping and masking into unity gospel riffs, stories of motherhood, stories of Muslim identity, stories of strangeness. Wherever she takes us—from Gaza to Hiroshima to the internment camps to a home in the hills, or the American street corner, her work is ripped through with the complexities of political oppression, the personal family, and the resonance of life. Anderson’s work brings us back to the world. It reminds us to risk, to believe, to act on the power of art.”

    From Elizabeth Adams, author of Going to Heaven:

    “What is Butoh? Khadija Anderson praises the revolutionary modern dance form’s co-founder: “The soles of your feet conjure fossils/buried deep in our psyches.” In this remarkable and deeply personal collection, we’re given an opportunity to plumb our own depths. Always taut with energy, original, and courageous, her poems mirror her description of the dance form she practices: “a necessary push and pull… (an) unbodying of the physical…images of the interior self.””

  • Abductions by Chiwan Choi

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    In his second poetry collection and most personal work to date, Choi speaks of losing a baby, his father’s cancer, his mother’s brush with blindness, his own inexplicable physical failure, and the fate of an immigrant family whose lineage ends in a foreign land, through blunt and sparse poems structured around an alien abduction mythology.

    From Charles Yu, author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe:

    “On the surface, Choi’s poems have a quiet, controlled quality to them. Underneath, there’s danger and rage and sadness. His voice rings clear and true in this volume, and I can’t stop hearing it in my head.”

    From Ed Lin, author of Waylaid and One Red Bastard:

    “My man Chiwan Choi’s latest collection of poems, Abductions, has again hounded me into a corner where I curl up and feel dirty for a few days. What’s so great about him? Choi’s inventive phrasings and restrained beats will yank away your security blanket and haunt you like the love that you abused and miss like hell.”

  • The Siren /
    In the Painting Heraclitus Wrings His Hands Above the World and Appears to be Crying by Melora Walters

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    A limited edition, handbound set from award-winning poet Melora Walters, best known for her acting roles in Boogie Nights and Big Love, each book contains a longform poem and original paintings that she created as love letters to her two children and the youth they were quickly outgrowing in front of her eyes.

    Each set is signed and numbered (1–50). Only a few sets remaining.

  • You Already Know by Aaron Henne

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    This book offers exercises to end-run the enemies of creativity (over-analysis, fear, self-doubt, getting stuck in familiar patterns) and open the heart and mind of the playwright to fresh, imaginative possibilities.

    In highly entertaining fashion, Henne prods, charms and cajoles the reader through roughly 80 writing exercises, helping each of us find our play by asking the right questions of ourselves and of the world.

    From Tom Jacobson, playwright, The Twentieth Century Way:

    “In a writing emergency, grab this book!”

    From Al Watt, author of Diamond Dogs:

    “What Aaron has created with this book is the antidote to writer’s block, a mother lode of writing exercises designed to shake things up. As far as I’m concerned, this is the most effective way to get the story from the imagination onto the page.”

  • Who's to Say What's Home by Kim Calder

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    In her debut poetry collection, Kim Calder brings the heartfelt sense of loss to bear on her raw, funny, and heartbreaking poems.

    Writ Large Press is proud to have launched with this powerful and memorable book from a poet that will be heard from for a long time.

    From Jack Grapes, author of The Naked Eye:

    “As a first book which portends many more to come, it ranks with Sharon Olds’s Satan Says, Dorianne Laux’s Awake, and Richard Jones’s Country of Air.”

    From Chris Nealon, author of The Matter of Capital: Poetry and Crisis in The American Century:

    “Kim Calder doesn’t kid herself. Her poems are full of sharp, swift observations that turn around, at the last minute, to trip the poet up–and that’s after she’s already caught us, her readers, in the act of hoping she’ll go easy on us. No such luck.”