ICON by F. Douglas Brown / from afar to afar by Soham Patel

We are excited to announce 2 amazing new titles + 2 new editions of WLP classics!


ICON by F. Douglas Brown

"Here is a poet who tracks a formidable lodestar in his chosen namesake, Frederick Douglass, and wrestles with his legacy through illuminative ekphrasis, dedicated truth-telling, and the indomitable will to claim one’s identity from a world that seeks to negate it. Writing with self-discovery through a multitude of form and historical insight, Brown charts a Tubman-trod course across millennia, culture, and language. Through his multihued blood-line that flows with memory to sing the kill away, we find ourselves delivered into a daring rendition of humanity at its best despite the worst of circumstances."

– Tyehimba Jess, author of Olio and winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize


to afar from afar by Soham Patel

"Qualities of time and space haunt any effort to look back into the past to make a meaningful now. These shards of memory-lyrics resonate with the fullness only sparseness can ever approach. Patel’s mind mines spacetime and shows that any present, any ‘now’ is always ‘mixed with always.’"

—Kazim Ali, author of The Secret Room


Additionally, we have released 2nd editions of both Hollywood Notebook, by Wendy C. Ortiz, and Abductions, by Chiwan Choi, to celebrate #TheAccomplices, our new partnership with Civil Coping Mechanisms and Entropy.

Find them all for purchase on the CCM site.